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What is Level III Trauma Care?

St. Anthony North is now a Level III Trauma Center, serving the North Denver Metro area.

A Level III Trauma Center provides initial evaluation and stabilization (surgically if appropriate) to the trauma patient. Comprehensive medical and surgical inpatient services are available to those patients who can be maintained in a stable or improving condition without specialized care. Emergency physicians and nurses are immediately available, and surgeons within 20 minutes, to assess, resuscitate, stabilize and initiate transfer as necessary to a higher level trauma care service.

In addition we also have 24/7 hour lab and radiology, 24/7 on call OR with anesthesia coverage and a trauma reporting system to the state. For patients that require more complex or specialized care, St. Anthony North, as part of Centura Health, has systems in place to transfer patients via Flight For Life to St. Anthony Hospital, a Level I Trauma Center.

The need for higher level trauma has been growing in the north metro area as the communities have continued to grow. This new official designation will enable more patients from the north metro community to stay in their community. It also enhances the partnership with local emergency medical service (EMS) agencies that will not have to travel far outside the community as frequently for patients that need higher level care.


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