• Spine & Orthopedic Care Team

  • Your care team plays an integral part in your hospital course and your recovery. 

    We work as a team to address any and all concerns you have on a daily basis. This enables you to be fully aware of all facets of your care and ensures the best quality of care while being treated at the St. Anthony North Hospital Orthopedic and Spine Institute. 

    • The Spine Care Coordinator: Guides your overall care throughout the hospitalization, assists with discharge planning, and provides education on spine precautions throughout your stay.
    • The Orthopedic Nurse: Provides your daily care, monitors your vital signs, manages your pain and communicates to other health care team members.
    • The Case Manager: A registered nurse who assists in planning and coordinating your discharge plan and transfer to a rehabilitation facility if needed.
    • The Physical Therapist: Physical Therapy (PT) will begin working with you the day after surgery unless otherwise ordered by your physician. PT will educate you about proper body mechanics; including how to move in bed, how to get in and out of bed, and how to walk correctly, and how to manage stairs as needed. PT will also educate you in spine precautions.
    • The Occupational Therapist: Occupational Therapy (OT) will also be working with you after surgery. They will instruct you on how to manage your daily activities such as dressing, showering, and using the toilet, while following your spine precautions/restrictions. OT will make recommendations on equipment you may want to purchase to make these activities easier. 
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