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Be'Cause' We Care About St. Anthony North


Donations from the Foundation

Labor and Delivery
            New TV & DVD player
            New TV cart
            “Caring for your late preterm infant” DVD in English and Spanish


Health Track books These books are used to track a child’s health records from infancy to 18- Courtesy of NewBorn Hope



Painted Hallway

           You may have noticed the fresh paint on the main corridor running from the Pharmacy to Labor and Delivery and Wound Care! Also new to that wall is 4 stars for the “A Star is Born” Baby wall. If you have not seen it please take a look as it will be changing soon… Soon there will be smaller stars trailing down the hallway with baby names and birth years engraved on them! This wall is in honor of the baby stars born at St. Anthony North. How does it work? A donation is made to the Foundation in honor of a child born at St. Anthony North. We engrave a star with the child’s name and birth year as you would like it to read and then that child will forever be honored as a Star of St. Anthony North.

Silver Star $150
Bronze Star- $250
Gold Star-$500

For more information, contact the Foundation, 303-650-7345



Cardiac Rehabilitation
            Wednesday, March 13, we held a blessing for the newest piece of equipment for Cardiac Rehab! Thank you to all who were involved in getting the Nustep in our hospital, our cardiac patients love it!



Intensive Care Unit waiting room
            Very soon we will have new, updated furniture for our ICU waiting room. Cynthia Leathers said, “The furniture in the ICU waiting room is outdated and very uncomfortable. The purchase and redesign of the ICU will support our efforts to create a comfortable environment for our patients and their families. We are pleased to work with the Foundation to make this renovation happen.”


Getting to Know the Foundation at St. Anthony North

By: Sharon Meyers, President & Chief Development Officer

During the last fiscal year, St. Anthony North Health Foundation experienced several changes and was blessed with many things to celebrate. If you haven't been keeping up with the Foundation, here is a glimpse of what has been happening:

• Experienced a change in leadership
• Brought on a new board and board chair
• Instituted a Grateful Patient Program
• Received our first planned gift and created a Planned Giving Program
• Celebrated two successful events
• Launched a successful associate campaign, which allowed us to achieve our
fundraising goal
• Implemented a new matching gifts program
• Wrote and received new grants
• Created a community partners initiative
• Supported existing programs at the hospital

It has certainly been a whirlwind, but there are many more exciting times ahead. Last year was just the beginning, and we plan to celebrate every future success, no matter how big or small. Overall, fundraising should be fun. The first three letters spell out fun!

People often ask me the same question, “How can you ask for money when times are so tough?” The answer is simple. How can I not? The sole purpose of the Foundation is to build relationships with donors and friends to secure private funds and other resources for the benefit of St. Anthony North Hospital. As a nonprofit, the Foundation receives, invests and distributes gifts in support of the hospital’s mission. Through giving, we encourage commitment and investment in the future of the hospital. So again, my answer is the same. How can I not ask for financial contributions when our future depends on it?

We are a young Foundation and a small office so we have a lot of work to do. We are incredibly thankful for every gift, planned gift, and relationship with the Foundation. We couldn’t do it without you. Philanthropy isn’t designated only for the wealthy. A philanthropic heart is in each and every one of us because we care about the future of our hospital. There are multiple ways to give and to be a part of building something incredible. The momentum has started, people are already getting involved, and the only thing we are missing is you!

Thank you for your generosity and I pray God blesses you richly for your service and compassion.

For more information about St. Anthony North Health Foundation, please contact Sharon Meyers at 303-430-2694 or

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