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July 2012 Recipients

Congratulations and thank you to our Halos for Heroes recipients!


Dr. Craig Reynolds

 “Dr. Reynolds saw me to treat an ulcer that is now starting to heal! He just did more for me than any other doctor I saw before he took care of me.”


Dr. Sean Bender

“Dr. Bender is a very concerned doctor, and he makes you feel at ease and comfortable. He knows exactly what he is doing! I’ve seen him twice in the ER and he was great both times. Thank you!”


Dr. Christopher Ott

 “I came into the ER on April 14th for some help. Dr. Ott was the attending physician. Dr. Ott and the nurses’ professionalism and kindness made my stay almost enjoyable! What a great representation of the care St. Anthony North offers.”


Danielle Costello

 “Danielle was my ultrasound technician at my last visit. I wanted to send many thanks to her. My PCP said healthy and I am so glad that she was there with me. Thank you!”


Kate Vazquies

 “Kate Vasquez in patient financial service was very friendly and professional. She helped us so much. She walked us through everything. She was also very quick. Thank you!”


Charlotte Lowrie

“I came to the ACC unit at St. Anthony North for my chemo treatments. Charlotte and Elaine were always professional, respectful, and friendly. But it was more than that… they actually made me look forward to my treatments because I got to visit with them. It wasn’t a burden going at all! These gals enjoy their job and their care is outstanding. I think when people give care like that, they should be recognized.”


“I felt so much better when Linda was there because she cared, was patient, kind and knew how to care for him in his sick time- and he was not an easy patient to care for. She always told him why she was doing what she was doing and why she could not do other things when he was in isolation.”


“I normally don’t go to St. Anthony North, but I had to go there because of an emergency situation with my hiatal hernia. I felt really bad. Dr. Erling was so nice and I felt better soon. He is very kind and thoughtful.”


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