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Halos for Heroes

Make a donation in honor of the physician, nurse, housekeeper, or other caregiver who made a difference in your visit or stay.

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Congratulations and thank you to our Halos for Heroes recipients!


 June 2013 Recipient
 Angela Andrew
 Dana Pfluger
 Dr. Elizabeth Groff
 May 2013 Recipient
 Charlotte Lowrie
 Cheryl Cote
 Elaine Neale
 Teresa Coup
 Cathy Gunderson
 Dr. John Altman
 Laurie Meeker
 Donald Natress
 Wendy Hayes
 Mary Byers
 April 2013 Recipient
 Candy Cordova
 Dr. Elena Chertkova
 Lisa Lynch
 Karen Egli
 Dr. Craig Reynolds
 March 2013 Recipient
 Dr. Emily Horn
 Rebecca Morrill
 Dr. Mana Amir
 February 2013 Recipient
 Dr. Craig Reynolds
 December 2012 recipients
 Donna Wegner
 Dr. Steven Shepherd
 Heather Herrera
Ocotober2012 Recipients
Dr. John Sharp
Tami Saathoff
September 2012 Recipients
J Elaine Neal and Charlotte Lowrie
Joe Kitto, Amy Halliburton,
Julia Day, Dianne Johnson
and Andrea Bon-Wilson
August 2012 Recipients
Dr. Justin Barrett
Beth Clark PA- her second award
Diane Krueger
Dr. Christopher Leoni
Dr. Marty Bennett
Dr. Jonathan Ramharack
Dr. Alan Rosenberger
Dr. Thron- Weber
Dr. Martin Yussman
J Elaine Neale- her second award
July 2012 Recipients
Dr. Craig Reynolds
Dr. Sean Bender
Dr. Christopher Ott
Danielle Costello
Kate Vazquies
Charlotte Lowrie
Linda Will
Dr. Brian Erling
June 2012 Recipients
Dr. Erik Ouderkirk
Venus Valdez
Dominic Bellante
Dr. Richard Martin
Dr. Kelsey Brody
Christine Spomer
Philip Coryell
Debra Dieme
May 2012 Recipients
Sherry Ann Bellefueille
Dr. Katherine Parodi
Nell Dionne
Julie Elkins
Dr. Susan Jolly
Joe Kitto
Amy Haliburton
Julia Day
Beth Clark, PA
Dr. Christopher Ott
March 2012 Recipients
Jodi Nichols
Becky Ashmore-Sanchez
Janet Peterson
Nate Sievers
Alicja Maslanka
Sharon McClure
February 2012 Recipients
J Elaine Neale
Teresa Coup
Charlotte Lowrie
Linda Will
Tami Saathoff
Julie Hiegel
Diane Steele
John Davis
Peggy Martin
Philip Coryell
Steve Konieczny, PA
Brenda Harding
2011 Recipients
Linda Will
Julie Bodi
Gini Brown
Dr. Jennifer Cooper
Teresa Coup
Andrew Dranse
Reagan Goodnight
Lynn Goodrum
Mary Lou Mowry
John Panozzo
Marsha Parker
Joann Pickett
Mary Saly
Lindsey Sears
Dr. Rajesh Sharma
Diane Steele
Shuree Taylor
Noreen Ullmer
Donna Wegner



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