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St. Anthony North Hospital Trauma & Injury Prevention

St. Anthony North Hospital is deeply committed to trauma prevention, education and research as well as direct patient care. Current involvements include:

  • Child passenger safety. All St. Anthony North staff take an active role in educating families on Colorado's new child-restraint laws. Staff members at all three hospitals are trained in assuring safety seats are properly installed. Find Carseat fit resources and learn more about Child Passenger Safety laws including new requirements that children ages 4-7 MUST be in a booster seat.
  • Think First, an international program to reduce the incidence of brain and spinal cord injuries among youth from kindergarten through high school. Efforts range from helmet awareness to classes showing the dangers of drinking and driving.
  • Helmet programs, sponsored by St. Anthony North Hospital in both the mountain and metro areas. The goal is to provide helmets at cost to Colorado children and adults to make skating, skiing, biking and boarding safer.
  • St. Anthony North mobile medical support clinic. Staffed by registered nurses, this on-the-road resource is a familiar sight for those who "Ride the Rockies," raising funds for The Children's Hospital.
  • The Jungle Mobile is a gregarious green converted ambulance traveling the roads of rural Colorado teaching kids from three to 10 years to "play it safe." The Jungle Mobile's journeys are made possible through a special partnership including St. Anthony Hospitals, The Children's Hospital, the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute, and the Colorado Department of Health and Environment.

For further information on these and other preventive efforts, contact the St. Anthony Trauma Service Injury Prevention Coordinator at 303-629-3788.


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