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Baby Steps

Centura Health is the largest health care system in Colorado. That means we have a lot of baby experience, a bigger heart for moms and moms-to-be and a huge network of experts for every member of your growing family.

So when you choose to have your baby at one of our hospitals, you'll know you'll always be treated with kindness, respect, and of course, the absolute best in medical care. In each neighborhood in Colorado, you'll find us helping new moms before, during and after delivery and caring for families for years to come.

At St. Anthony North Hospital, we're happy to be with you and your family every step of the way:

Step 1    Schedule your one on one Birth by Design appointment.

Step 2    Take a tour of The Birth Place.

Step 3    Register for the classes that meet your needs.

Step 4    The big day, baby's arrival!

Step 5    Come back for your New Family Follow-Up Visit two days after your baby's birth.

Step 6    You will receive a call from a nurse after your baby's birth to check on you and baby.

Step 7    Appointment with your baby's doctor about 10 days after your baby's birth.

Step 8    You are invited to bring your baby  to our Baby Weigh-In Group each week  to answer your questions
                and monitor your baby's growth. This free service is offered for the first year after baby's birth.


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