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Board of Directors

The St. Anthony North Health Foundation is governed by a group of dedicated community members and hospital administrators.  Their role is to provide leadership and vision for the organization.  They are responsible for identifying programs and projects to financially support and establish fundraising goals for the organization.  They share primary responsibility for raising the necessary funds to meet operating costs and capital requirements as they arise.  Additionally, they are authorized to use their discretion regarding the use of all gifts, both unrestricted and restricted, from donors in support of the hospital and healthcare community, within distribution procedures and under the guidelines of the bylaws of the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Colorado Foundation.

Board of Directors

Carole Peet
Board Member - Ex-Officio
Chief Executive Officer
St. Anthony North Hospital

Sharon Meyers
Board Member - Ex-Officio

President & Chief Development Officer St. Anthony North Health Foundation

Rob Coulter

Board Chair, State Board Representative

SunCor Energy USA Inc.

Joe Talirico

Capital Campaign Chair, State Board Representative

President, Talirico & Associates

Angela Habben

Vice Chair, Board Member

Vice President, Vectra Bank Colorado

Jerry Rohlfs

Treasurer, Board Member

President/Broker, Property-Pros

Deborah Haviland

Secretary, Board Member

Director of Community Relations & Fundraising, Community Reach Center

Board Members

Stephanie Otte

General Manager, The Orchard Town Center

Ty Ono

Lead Editor, Memories to Digital

Douglas Dillon

President, CHI Colorado Foundation

Wayne Farlow

President, Farlow Financial

Mark Harris

Vice President, MJM Harris Inc.

Sister Patricia Hayden

Vice President Mission Integration, St. Anthony North Hospital

Kevin Jenkins

Vice President Administration
St. Anthony North Hospital

Jody Reuler

Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Health Care Coalition, Inc.

John Schenden

President, Pro Jeep

Judy Tunis

Branch Manager/Assistant Vice President, Key Bank


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