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Classes to Prepare for Surgery

What You Need to Know to Prepare for Spine Surgery

Planning for and recovering from surgery is a collaborative journey between you and your healthcare team. Knowing what to expect before, during and after surgery will contribute to a quicker recovery.

If you are preparing for spine surgery, come to one of our FREE pre-operative spine classes. You are encouraged to bring a family member.

The Class will cover:

  • Instructions for the day of your surgery
  • Surgical Pre-Admission, Operating Room, & Recovery Room Procedures
  • Nursing Care, including equipment and your post-operative routine
  • Physical Therapy: daily activities & exercises
  • Occupational Therapy: bathing, dressing & using adaptive devices
  • Pain management
  • Planning for continued care following surgery

Complete your lab work & X-ray the same day before or after class.

Classes are held every Thursday at St. Anthony North Hospital from 2-4 pm.
Please call 303-430-2643 to register.

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