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What to Expect

At the Orthopedic and Spine Institute at St. Anthony North, we have created a special area just for the care of our spine surgery patients. Our specially trained therapists work closely with the nurses and surgeons to get you up and about as soon as possible. Family members are encouraged to participate with you in the recovery process, learning about exercises, medications and follow-up care, helping to make the transition home a smooth one.

Our staff has been hand-picked for their positive attitudes, motivational skills, and their desire to provide outstanding service. In addition, they have been trained to provide comprehensive clinical care for pateints undergoing back and neck surgery.

Special features of the program and unit include:

  • Nurses and therapists who specialize in the care of spine surgery patients
  • Private rooms
  • Emphasis on individual care
  • Family and friends participating as "coaches" in the recovery process 
  •  A spine care coordinator who facilitates discharge planning
  • A comprehensive patient Guidebook to guide you through pre-op, recovery and beyond 
  •  "At Your Request" Room Service Menu


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