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August 2012 Recipients

Congratulations and thank you to our Halos for Heroes recipients!

Dr. Justin Barrett

“Dr. Barrett took really good care of me- he got me going again. He was just so kind and helped me get through the stomach problem I was having. I feel that the care in the Emergency Department is the best anywhere! I truly recommend this Emergency Department to anyone who needs care!”


Beth Clark PA- her second award

“I liked all the people that took care of me at St. Anthony North, but the one that stuck out the most was my doctor, Beth Clark. She knew exactly what she was doing and how to take care of me. She made me feel so much better!”


Dr. Marty Bennett

“My husband has since deceased, but thank you for all you did when my husband was in need. There were so many nice people; I don’t know how I made it through, but thank you for your help.


“Dr. Yussman always takes wonderful care of me when I see him. He is very special to me!”

“Dr. Leoni fixed my leg! He did the vein job and I no longer need to wear the support stocking. Thanks to him, I am now doing great! Thank you.”

"Dr. Thron-Weber is a very good doctor. She is always concerned about her patients, she is caring, knowledgeable, patient, humble and has a wonderful sense of humor! I am so happy that she was my caregiver.”

“Diane treated me and my wife with great respect and had a very friendly demeanor. It was a great comfort after my test.”



”Thank you Dr. Rosenberger for saving my wife’s life by doing surgery on her colon when she had cancer. She said she was so lucky to have a doctor like you! She is doing better now and we both appreciate you so much for your care through this trying time in our life.” 



 Dr. Jonathan Ramharack
“Dr. Ramharack, my mother has since passed away, but I wanted to thank you for the excellent care she received.”



J Elaine Neale- her second award
 “I came to the ACC unit at St. Anthony North for my chemo treatments. Charlotte and Elaine were always professional, respectful, and friendly. But it was more than that… they actually made me look forward to my treatments because I got to visit with them. It wasn’t a burden going at all! These gals enjoy their job and their care is outstanding. I think when people give care like that, the should be recognized.” 













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