• What to Expect

  • Patients are typically referred to the Wound Care Center by their primary care physician.

    Upon referral to the Wound Care Center, patients undergo a thorough diagnostic examination to identify the type of wound and the underlying problems causing the wound. The initial appointment consists of a full assessment to determine the etiology of the wound, the appropriate classification and size of the wound, the overall health status of the patient and the patient's ability to comply with needed therapies.

    Based on the evaluation, a customized treatment plan is developed to optimize the therapies best suited to address the patient's needs. Wound size and depth are documented at the initial visit, and again at each subsequent visit. Some of the diagnostic modalities which may be used include:

    • Laboratory evaluation
    • Radiology (including MRI)
    • Transcutaneous oxygen testing
    • Vascular studies, electrocardiogram
    • Ultrasound

    Specialized wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are usually administered on an outpatient basis. Patients are free to drive themselves to the Center for therapy, and you should plan two-and-a-half to three hours for each visit.