• Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

  • The St. Anthony North Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed to help you recover and return to as full and productive a life as possible after a cardiac event.

    Our comprehensive program provides preventive services along with a variety of rehabilitation options for those impacted by cardiovascular disease. St. Anthony North Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR).

    The following cardiac rehabilitation programs can help you avoid health problems such as heart attacks, strokes and peripheral vascular disease. Our team of registered nurses, certified diabetes educators, exercise physiologists, stress and addition counselor and our registered dietitian, has created them. No one is too old or too young to participate. Both men and women benefit equally. The length, content and exercise components of each program are customized according to the individual patient's needs.

    Please call 303-426-2005 and a wellness counselor will help you find the right blend of classes to keep you healthy.

    Cardiac Rehabilitation

    • Phase I - Guidelines
      The first phase of cardiac rehabilitation begins while you are still in the hospital following open heart surgery, angina, heart attack or a procedure such as a stent or angioplasty. The cardiac rehabilitation team will provide you with education and activity guidelines to prepare you for discharge.
    • Phase II - Outpatient
      The outpatient program begins soon after your discharge from the hospital and by referral from your physician. A multidisciplinary team is involved with this comprehensive program, which includes individualized monitored exercise, dietary and stress management counseling and smoking cessation, if needed.
    • Phase III - Supervised Group Exercise Class
      The supervised group exercise program is for those who want a structured exercise class. The class consists of a group warm-up, personalized exercise program, weights and cool-down.

    Diabetes Education
    This customized program is taught by a registered dietician and is tailored to your specific needs. $50 for two sessions.

    Smoking Cessation Program
    Our certified addition counselor will give you the information you need to quit smoking through a series of three classes on behavior change, physical and mental techniques to promote smoking cessation. $90.

    Peripheral Vascular Walking Program
    Join our supervised walking program for people with peripheral vascular disease. The program is designed to decrease leg discomfort and help participants be more active. The program includes risk factor assessment and education. $60 per month, three times a week.

    Nutritional Counseling
    This customized program is taught by a registered dietitian and is tailored to your specific needs. $50 for two sessions.

    Stress Management
    Learn how stress affects your health. Develop strategies to manage your stress and reduce your risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. $50 for a one-hour session.

    Maintenance Program
    After completing Cardiac Rehabilitation or the Peripheral Vascular Walking Program, you may continue an exercise program at St. Anthony North Hospital with an instructor present. $20 per month.