• Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE)  

    As a part of the Centura Health mission, St Anthony North Hospital offers Clinical Pastoral Education!   We are a component CPE site of the Centura ACPE accredited System-center, one of four hospitals in Centura who offer CPE.

    Clinical Pastoral Education is a dynamic and experiential model of learning. It is theological and professional education focused on developing one's skills, abilities, and person to care for the spiritual, emotional, and relational needs of others. CPE is learning and formation through professional relationships with patients, staff members, peers, yourself and your supervisor.

    CPE is action-reflection learning that challenges and supports one to grow personally and professionally.  The clinical learner is invited to reflect on and to explore beneath and into each relational encounter, with dignity and grace, in order to learn about process, diversity, culture, deeper messages, and one's own motivation.

    We welcome people of various backgrounds and interests to consider CPE with us here at St Anthony North. CPE is a way for many people to hone their own care giving practice and professional discipline, including those serving in a variety of religious ministries, both lay and professional, parish pastors and chaplains, health care professions, including nursing and medicine, psychological care, crisis and trauma work, and counseling.

    This learning opportunity includes the following topics:

    +Empathy & Compassionate care

    +Family Systems Theory

    +End of life or terminal diagnosis care (Palliative)

    +Healing and Meaning-making

    +Dying and Death

    +Advance Directives

    +Behavioral Health

    +Grief, Loss, and Mourning

    +Trauma and Crisis Care

    +Medical Ethics

    +Spiritual Assessment

    +Worship and Ritual

    There are also opportunities during a unit to learn collaboratively with the three other CPE sites within Centura.

    CPE at St Anthony North requires a minimum of 400 hours of learning, approximately 300 hours spent in clinical visitation in the hospital, and 100 hours of group and supervised reflection and learning.  Clinical time includes a variety of learning opportunities, including regular visitation during the week, with referrals and introductory visits, and one weekend on-call each month responding to emergency pages and needs within the hospital.  Opportunities for ministry and relational care include care to patients, their families and loved ones, and staff.  At St Anthony North, we host two extended units of CPE in the fall and spring (18 weeks), and a more time-intensive unit in the summer.

    For more information, please contact:

    The Reverend Janet Barriger , MDiv, ACPE
    St Anthony North Hospital
    2551 West 84th Ave.
    Westminster, CO 80031 
    Download the ACPE application forms

    The Centura Health CPE Site at St. Anthony North Hospital is accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education

    ACPE, Inc.
    1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 103
    Decatur, GA 30033